Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The most useful thing I know - part 2

A while ago I wrote about the power of the out-breath. ( March 9 2010)
I wrote that it helped me go further when I ran.
I wrote that I didn't understand why it worked, but that it did.

I recently discovered a whole new dimension to its freaky power.
You can also use the out-breath to improve focus and self-control.

 I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this, but I have started meditating daily.
 For 15 minutes a day anywhere - on the train, on a sofa, in the park, I stop and separate myself from my thoughts, my feelings, my sensations, my worries, my plans and my dreams. 
For a little while, I see me underneath all the stuff.
 For some-one with as noisy a head as mine, it's a huge relief.

Most mysterious of all, it's also a huge pleasure.

This is how I do it:
I use a guide to Mindfulness that I downloaded from Amazon onto my iPod. Written by Dr Zylowska and Goldstein,  it shows me how to use my breath as the anchor for my attention and how to make the other stuff  take a number.

To balance out this slightly esoteric suggestion for better living, I offer you my killer mash potato recipe.
Peel potatoes, cut into threes, and place in pot with lid and about an inch and a half of water, boil till soft, purée with enough salt, crème fraiche and butter.  Serve with fried fish and a good salad.