Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What I think about when I'm running

I was thinking about the most useful thing I know
The most useful thing I know is the power of breathing.
In particular, breathing out.
When I think I can’t go another five minutes on the treadmill, I breathe out long and audibly. 
When I think I can’t do another rep on the shoulder press, I breathe out as I pull down. 
When I gave birth, I used breathing out instead of medication. 
It’s a mystery to me why this is, but it works for me every time. The out-breath makes me stronger and allows me to endure more pain.  Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know the scientific reason for this?
The other thought was what shall I make for supper.

Eggplant stew
One eggplant cubed
One onion chopped small
Some capers
Some black olives stoned
Some chilli flakes
Teaspoon of sugar
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Sunflower oil

Fry onions in oil till very soft, add egg plant and fry for about ten minutes. Check if you need to add oil, as egg plant needs loads of oil to taste yum yum delicious.  Add all the other ingredients and cook for another ten minutes.  
Although this is my favourite way to eat eggplant, I don’t expect the kids to eat this, but I will offer it to them.  
I am also making cod baked in a hot oven.  As I write this, the fish is in a buttered dish , dotted with butter and salt and I've squeezed the juice of one lemon over it.  The fish will cook for no longer than thirty minutes. 
I also made vegetable soup with barley.  And rice.

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  1. Funny you posted about this because my mom and I were just discussing yesterday the power of breathing and the mind during pregnancy. Deep breathing is incredibly helpful in almost all situations.