Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A fresh look at exercise

Oh I just remembered another word I don’t like
That word is Exercise.  Exercise is such a killjoy word.
It smells of P.E at school and duty. 
There is no pleasure in Exercise.   
With all the wonderful things to do with our bodies - dancing, running, rolling down a hill, hiking, walking, cycling, playing badminton and body surfing, to mention just a few of my personal favourites, Exercise doesn’t come into it.
I take great pleasure in chatting, listening to music and being in nature. 
If I combine any one of those with a run, it’s not exercise, it’s ecstasy.

This is what I'm making for supper tonight.  
I'll probably also put rice and spinach (with garlic and cumin) on the table.

Chicken kebabs
 Five chicken breasts, cubed
Four tablespoons oil
Two tablespoons wine vinegar
Four tablespoons honey
Two crushed garlic cloves
Salt, one teaspoon mustard powder
One Telma chicken stock cube
One teaspoon oregano

Thread the chicken cubes onto skewers.
Mix the marinade ingredients and pour over the kebabs. Marinade until needed.
Cook in hot oven for twenty minutes.

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  1. "If I combine any one of those with a run, it’s not exercise, it’s ecstasy."- That's a great line. I love this. I don't associate the word exercise with negativity, simply for all of the reasons you listed. There are so many fun things to do with the human body and in nature.