Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some dirty words

I got an email today that contained some dirty words. Three dirty words in fact. Those words were weight-loss and diet.  The email came from Woman’s Health, an on-line magazine that generally I find very useful. This is what they said:    

This is what I wished they’d said:
1.       Accept yourself

There was a gorgeous woman in my dance-class today. She looked strong and fit.

We chatted between songs as you do in a class. She said she thought she had a fat-arse.

It was like hearing a lovely, shiny Labrador wishing it was a Whippet.

2.       Seek pleasure
Find your joy. Some people like digging potatoes in their allotment.  Some people like kickboxing like my friend Berenice who can do 100 military style press-ups in a row. Some people like walking their dog along cliff tops. Some lovely people I know like yoga.  It’s all good.
3.       Be normal

It is normal to eat when you are hungry. It is normal to eat at mealtimes. It’s normal to enjoy your food.  It’s normal to eat sitting down at a table with a plate.
4.       Be balanced
Sometimes we eat cake, sometimes we eat soup. Sometimes we drink wine, sometimes we drink water. Sometimes we work up a sweat and sometimes we lie down in front of the TV.
5.       Don’t be unkind to yourself

Don’t watch programmes like America’s Top Model. Don’t weigh yourself.  Don’t compare yourself.  Don’t diet.  

6.       Be grateful
I was once fortunate to meet a special man who stood for justice, freedom from oppression and equality for all.  He literally gave his right arm for something he believed in.  Before anyone complains about their body being the wrong shape, think about what Albie Sachs achieves with his.

7.       Cook

8.       Accept responsibility

You decide what you eat, not a diet sheet, or a diet book or a diet method or a diet company.  It’s up to you what you put in your mouth, not anyone else.

Fried rice
This is the most useful recipe in my repertoire. It’s our classic Sunday night supper.
My children love to eat it. All the ingredients are always in my kitchen at all times.
It’s quick and easy and all food groups are represented.
This is that recipe.
Cooked basmati rice (one cup per person)
Sunflower oil
Eggs (one for each person eating)
Half a cup frozen peas
Half a cup frozen sweet-corn
Soy sauce (loads)

Oil in frying pan.
Rice in frying pan. 
Make well in rice. Fry the eggs in the well. Add veggies. Stir around till all cooked.
Add Soy sauce.


  1. I am enjoying reading your blog, i agree with breast feeding and love your Friday night routine. Can I add a suggestion for working mums in a hurry: use a pressure cooker for soups, stews and many other long cooking recipes: it halves the time.

  2. I love Women's Health, but I definitely feel like I'm a little too alternative for them. While they usually try to not solely focus on physical appearance, a lot of their material ends up doing just this. I like your version better as well, which focuses more on health and happiness than anything else.