Monday, 1 March 2010

A big soup and a tiny rant

Meat soup

Three carrots fine sliced
0ne leek fine sliced
Two sticks celery fine sliced
One turnip fine sliced
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
8 beef shins (with or without bone)
Two litres water
Two Telma stock cubes (ground up)
One tin (410 g) Canelli beans, drained
Two tablespoons barley
One tin chopped tomato
One butternut peeled and chopped
Salt and one teaspoon sugar

Fry vegetables till softened. Add meat and fry for a few more minutes both sides.
Add water, stock cubes, barley and beans. Cook for 40 minutes. Add tomatoes and butternut and
sugar. Cook for at least two hours or until the meat is very soft. Take out the meat, cube it and return to the pot with salt.

Permit me a tiny rant

There are three words I will try not to use in this blog. Two of these words are fat and thin.

On the other hand, I recognize many people are fat-in-the-head. They see themselves as fat. They weigh themselves every day and judge themselves by the numbers they read. They eat in the car. They eat at the movies. They eat standing up. They eat when they’re bored or feeling stressed or resentful. They miss meals. They diet. They drink diet-coke every day. They deny themselves cookies and cakes and chocolate. They describe themselves as fat.

I don’t think that’s useful. What they really are is fat-in-the head. If your clothes are too tight, wear bigger clothes. Stop weighing yourself. Stop depriving yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop eating in the car. It’s enough already.