Monday, 8 March 2010

where I confess some things


I have an insanely sweet tooth.  
I love sugar in all its yum yum delicious forms including liquorice, toffees, Turkish delight, ice-cream and chocolate.  I only have two rules for myself. I eat the most premium, most delicious, freshest version I can find. And I refuse to think about the teeth, calories and health effects.  I enjoy it with every fibre of my being.
Of all the sweet things I like to eat, this is probably the thing I like to eat the most. For obvious reasons, I only make it very rarely.
My mother’s fudge
 Two tins condensed milk
Three to four tablespoons of syrup
Four cups of sugar
Half a pound of butter
Two teaspoons vanilla essence
One tablespoon vinegar

Stir first four ingredient in a pot on high heat till it comes to a boil. Little brown bits will emerge but don’t panic. Turn on low and bubble softly for about twenty minutes. Now the secret to success: You are only done boiling this when the fudgy mass comes away from the side of the pot. You will know it for sure when it happens. Be patient. It will now be a gorgeous brown colour.  
 Now pour in the vanilla and vinegar and beat the mixture firmly with a wooden spoon to show it who is boss.
Pour into a buttered tray and scrape out sides of the pot. (You need three hands for this)
Cut before it’s entirely cool. Give it away  as quickly as you can.

Another confession
One of the things I liked to do with my body besides running, dancing, eating, hiking and playing badminton, was breast-feeding my children.  
 I loved the closeness with my baby and the fact that I had to sit down and relax for 20 minutes.   
And I like that from the beginning, my children have enjoyed good food made by me.  
 I also read that breast-feeding helps against childhood obesity.   
 I hope my daughters grow up to love their bodies too.
 (This is the article I read but I have to admit I skipped down to the conclusion:


  1. great recipe and thx for commenting on my blog!

  2. I have a huge sweet tooth. I definitely allow myself to enjoy some sweets, but like you, it's gotta be the best! However, this also helps me work on my self discipline to make sure I'm only enjoying dessert in moderation.