Thursday, 25 February 2010

Eating more vegetables and less meat

Slow cooked Broccoli

Three heads of broccoli – in pieces.
Two red chillies or chilli flakes (I take out the seeds from the fresh chillies and I scrub my hands afterwards)
Six generous tablespoons olive oil
Eight sun-dried tomatoes cut up
Some olives halved and pitted
Three cloves of garlic sliced
250 ml red wine (or wine mixed with water)

Put it all in a big pot (oil first) and cook on gentle heat for 50 minutes with the lid on.
Serve with rice. This is what we’re having for supper tonight with the left over soup from yesterday.

A tip that Jana from Slovakia told me: the big thick white stem of the broccoli is the yummiest part. Peel it and cut into slices and leave around the kitchen in a bowl like carrot sticks. Yum yum yum delicious.


  1. Having eaten this delicious dish often at your house, I am very glad to have the recipe. I shall make it tomorrow night.

  2. Thought this looked interesting so looked in the fridge and making my version: added cabbage as not enough broccoli, fresh tomatoes as no dried (and they were so delicious I ate half of them), and threw in a tin of anchovies for luck. And I'm not sure I have 50 mins to cook it. May taste horrible I'll let you know!

  3. I tried it on friday night, and it was not as tasty as that I have eaten at your house. Maybe next time more chilli and dried tomatoes.

  4. It was just last week I thougt of this receipe! And surprise, surprise - here comes invitation to your blog ;o)
    I remember cooking it for you and your kids - they loved it.
    In fact I must thank you - It was during my stay in your house I learned to cook properly.