Wednesday, 24 February 2010

leek and potato soup

Six leeks
Two onions
2.5 litres boiling water
500gm potatoes
125 gm butter
600 ml crème fraiche

Slice leeks, onions and potatoes very thinly. Melt butter in pot. Add sliced leeks and onions.
Cook till soft not brown. Add water and sliced potatoes. Cook for thirty minutes. Blitz. Add crème
fraiche and salt and blitz again.

Yes, it is a lot of crème fraiche. Yes, you deserve to eat good food that tastes good. Allow me a small rant. Diet bread. Diet soda. Diet yogurt. Diet food. Only fat-in-the-head people eat this kind of food (you know who you are). Just eat normal. A slice of real delicious bread with real delicious butter, for example, but only one slice, not the whole loaf.

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